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Our clients span a wide range of sectors, covering professional and financial services, co-working spaces, hospitality and more. Discover how we’ve helped our clients to continuously improve, evolve and harness the full potential of their space.

Client Testimonials

Throughout the design and build phase of our new Web 3 & Digital Future Hub on Oxford Street, Runtech worked alongside us every step of the way from scoping the works to delivery of the Hub. The team did a fantastic job of managing the project and it has been an absolute pleasure to work with Runtech on this project.
Runtech again have shown to be an excellent installations partner. The pre-production and design was above what was expected, the installation was of extremely high quality and their service post-completion has been excellent. Chris and the team have done a fantastic job on this project.
One Great George Street
During the build of our new office in London Runtech worked tirelessly to provide us with the best solution for our needs, not only with new equipment but showing us how to use what we had in a much smarter way therefore saving us money in the long run. The dedication and the pride in the work provided by Chris and the team has been outstanding and frankly, I wish I had them onboard years ago.

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