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Audio visual technology is continually evolving to improve teaching within schools and universities. By incorporating AV into your classrooms, you can enhance pupils’ learning experience through visual and interactive activities. 

With advancements in technology, it can be difficult to know what solutions would work well for your insitute. Whether you’re a school, further education college or university, we can suggest bespoke solutions that are designed to improve your students’ experience. 


Do you need help with your next audio visual installation? We can provide you with a bespoke and personalised solution to enhance your educational institute. 

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Education Audio Visual examples

Presenting: Wired or Wireless

Presenting is one of the most important aspects of audio visual in the classroom. Teachers need to be able to connect and present seamlessly between different display input sources. Having the wireless presentation option can encourage collaboration between students.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is an effective way of displaying content and sharing information with staff and students. Not limited to one site, it’s a particularly efficient way to share content from a central location with screens in other locations to disseminate information.

Interactive Technology

Studies show that people respond well to visual aids, and that they improve the learning and retention process. By incorporating interactive technology into your classroom, you can promote collaborative working between the teacher and students.

Video conferencing

No matter where you are, video conferencing platforms have allowed schools to continue teaching students remotely. Many colleges and universities are incorporating this technology into their classroom to enhance the learning experience for those students who can't be there in person.

Audio Technology

High quality audio is so important in a lesson. Students can become unengaged if they are struggling to hear the teacher or audio within a presentation.

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