As a Zoom Certified Integrator, we install fully customised Zoom Rooms, tailored to your business needs.

Zoom Rooms Installations

Be seen and heard from anywhere

Zoom is a leading video communication provider, offering online meetings, conferencing, webinars, phone calls and chat to businesses al around the world. With an easy-to-use interface, easy scalability and simple pricing, Zoom offers a range of features and plans that can suit a variety of businesses in different industries.

As Zoom Certified Integrators, we offer a full range of Zoom Services, so your business can have the full package all in one place. Our experts can discuss which Zoom license would suit your business, what Zoom Certified technology can enhance your meeting room, and transfer your existing solution to Zoom Phones.

HD Video and Audio

Flawless video across desktop, mobile, and room systems.

One-touch to join

Quickly join meetings with both video and audio.

One-click wireless share

Wireless content sharing with a click of a button.

Powerful meeting security

Robust security settings ensure disruption-free meetings.

Multiple screens

Single Screen, Dual Screen and Tri-Screen systems supported.

Overview status and management

Manage all of your conference rooms centrally.

Runtech zoom room


Zoom is a leading video communication provider, offering online meetings, conferencing, webinars, phone calls and chat.

With an easy to use interface, easy scalability and simple pricing, Zoom offers a range of features and plans to suit every business.

We offer a full range of Zoom services, from Zoom Room Installations, Zoom Licenses and Zoom Phones. Suitable for a variety of industries, contact our team today to see how Zoom can transform your space.

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Are you looking for more information on Zoom Rooms? As Certified Zoom Room Integrators, we can help you learn more and provide you with a reliable solution.

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expert installation

for every room type

Runtech zoom room huddle
Runtech zoom room huddle

Huddle to small meeting rooms​

If you are looking for a small meeting space conference system, then our huddle & small meeting room will be a great option for your business.

Depending on your needs and requirements, this package caters for most budgets with varying additional features, such as control panels, speakers and microphones. All our Zoom room solutions come with a Logitech Webcam, so you can rely on HD quality.

This package is suitable for:

  • 2-6 people
  • Small meeting rooms
  • Huddle rooms
Zoom room medium

Medium to large meeting rooms​

You can rest assured that our medium to large meeting room package offers high-quality audio and visual. This package helps your business get the most out of your space available. 

The PTZ Webcam technology from Logitech gives you HD quality video, whilst the conference phone options allow audio communications to flow seamlessly.

The medium/large Zoom room setups are perfect for:

  • 6 – 13 people
  • Businesses with large conference room space
  • A requirement for high-quality audio and visual
Boardroom installation


Changing your normal boardroom into a Zoom room setup will make meetings and conferences quicker, easier and more productive with our package.

You will have full control through the use of an iPad, will varied options for webcams, speakers and microphones. This will give you the best quality for any type of event.

This package is suitable for:

  • Up to 20 people
  • Businesses who require a high-quality VoIP system
  • Businesses with regularly scheduled conference calls
  • Where Zoom is in use for executive level



Connect your existing hardware to the cloud with no additional hardware required.


Add new features, like scheduling display and digital signage to better utilise meeting spaces.


Optimise every conference room experience and enable growth and video in more places with Zoom Rooms.



Find out how we transformed our client’s office meeting space by incorporating Zoom products and solutions. 


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