Multi-sensory, intelligent AV experiences

From boardroom conferencing to omnichannel shopping, RunTech combines intelligent technology and visual innovations to help people communicate in new and exciting ways.

With a global footprint and deep technical skills, we plan, install and maintain AV systems to help businesses communicate, co-workers collaborate, and retailers stimulate conversations between consumers and brands.


Transformation in the workplace doesn’t have to be daunting. Our experts will work closely with you to develop a robust strategy with clear objectives.


Our AV systems and enhanced connectivity solutions unite teams, co-workers and distributed workforces regardless of location.


Advances in smart, proximity and holographic technologies enable us to provide intelligent systems to deliver multi-sensory brand experiences.


Use real-time analytics to optimise human interaction using predictive enhancement or manual input.

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Our tailored zoom solutions

Runtech is a certified Integrator for ZoomRooms, Find out how a Zoom Room can transform the way you conduct your Video conferences, especially in these times.


Working with companies during every stage of their AV project is how we’ve built our reputation.
The biggest successes in digital transformation are often the result of realising what’s truly possible. That means discussing challenges, brainstorming and developing ideas way before you’ve decided what solution to invest in.

Get in touch to see how we can support you.


We are expert strategists, committed to helping make your business more successful. We are excellent at listening: learning everything we can about your challenges, ambitions and aspirations.
You’ll receive exciting ideas and advice on how to implement innovative AV solutions with intelligent content, allowing your digital transformation project seamlessly drive measurable benefits. We are much more than an AV integrator. We are part of a global group of companies working in synergy to revolutionise the way people, places and technology work together.

The hands-on implementation of technology and systems in our own ecosystem combined with client success experiences enables us to provide you with unrivalled levels of knowledge and expertise.

We design AV systems that motivate users to engage — are easy to operate — and are truly immersive.
Integrating the most appropriate hardware is only one part of the picture. Armed with a strategic blueprint to deliver on your vision, our system designers plan everything from signal boosting, to secure connectivity, to intelligent software and cloud integration.

Our technology partners are recognised around the world and include Amazon, Citrix and Microsoft.
Every system we design follows a core methodology based on proven reliability, benchmarked quality, ease-of-integration and sustainable maintenance.

Some of the most respected companies in the world trust us to turn their ideas into reality as we manage their digital transformation from start to finish.
From diligent planning to eradicating disruption and ensuring your entire project meets with stringent quality standards we are committed wholeheartedly to customer satisfaction.

Using customised processes along with Agile methodology, we ensure a smooth transition from project conception to live environment.
You can expect clear communication, an immediate response to any queries you raise, and a seamless project managed experience that recognises the need to deliver a faultless service.

Our fully trained AV teams are skilled, responsive, and personable. 
Every engineer follows RunTech’s quality philosophy — a set of rules designed to evoke a sense of commitment and diligence in everything they do.

From modest AV installs to global rollouts, our AV engineers are committed to instill confidence in stakeholder and client project teams.
Our engineers can work diligently around continuity challenges and ensure distraction is kept to a minimum.

With an industry-leading commitment to client relationships, we carry on supporting our customers long after every successful installation.

Our clients are confident that every aspect of their business-critical AV initiative will be maintained to ensure continuity of technology assets.
Flexibility is central to RunTech’s maintenance and support, with every service tailored specifically to client requirements.

From preventative maintenance to batch-match component replacement to ensure perfect continuity, we can provide call-out engineers, remote app and/or video support and remote monitoring and management. We even offer fast-track manufacturer support for critical cases.

We focus on comprehensive training to equip businesses with all the knowledge they need to operate hardware and software systems effectively.
Every AV system we design is intuitive to use, and our onboarding process delivers all the skills needed to take immediate advantage. To ensure continuity, we extend our service to create ‘Training Champions’ — team members selected to learn how systems operate so they can provide insight-on-demand to anyone in your organisation that needs it.


Inform  –  Inspire  –  Engage

Whichever sector you operate in, RunTech has the skills, knowledge and expertise to help you take advantage of the full potential for digital transformation. We provide expert consultancy, audio visual (AV) system design, installation and unrivalled levels of end-to-end support.


Transform your offices, boardrooms and meeting rooms into dynamic visual interactive communication hubs.


Turn co-working spaces into agile centres of collaborative excellence with AV systems driven by intelligent technology.


AV innovation in retail provides an exciting opportunity to deliver experiential initiatives that cannot be matched in e-tail alone.

Leisure & Fitness

We’ll map your ideal customer journey from the first point of contact and develop innovative ways to create loyalty and maximise spend.


Use innovative AV solutions to turn a regular hospitality event into a show-stopping experience.


Certified By AVIXA

RunTech is an official member and certified by the Audio Visual and Integrated Experience Association.


  • Ideas, consultancy and planning
  • Large format indoor and outdoor displays.
  • Latest hardware featuring resounding AV clarity
  • App-based control and touch screen technology
  • Ultrafast connectivity and wi-fi boosting
  • Smart Green intelligent buildings integration
  • Real-time analytics, smart data capture and adaptive content delivery
  • Full training, maintenance and priority support