Google meet Video conferencing solutions

With Google Meet, your business can enjoy secure video meetings that is integrated with Google Workspace

Google Meet video conferencing
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Google Meet Video conferencing solutions

Google Meet is a video-communication service developed by Google. Designed on Google’s robust and secure global infrastructure, your business can enable better working for those remote or on the go.

Google has created the video conferencing platform to have an easy-to-use interface with high-quality audio and visual. For businesses using Gmail, easily integrate Google Meet into your meeting rooms for a seamless experience for your employees.

Runtech can offer a variety of solutions that meets your company’s needs and enhances your space. From desktops, huddle rooms to boardrooms, we have a range of solutions suitable for you. 

Full flexibility

Integrate Google Meet into your meeting rooms

Google Meet is fully integrated with Google Workspace, allowing you to seamlessly transition from a video call to chat, or document collaboration. Allowing your team to connect and collaborate together better.

With hundreds of certified hardware, you can personalise your meeting rooms and office equipment to have exactly what you and your employees need. Including a wide range of headsets, webcams, room booking panels, all-in-one video bars and many more, all created by some of the leading manufactures. 

Easy to use


Secured and managed

Solutions for everyone

Google meet for a hybrid workforce

Enable your employees who are on the go to easily view scheduled meetings and join the meeting with one tap.

This function works directly from the Gmail mobile app or the dedicated Meet app. Meetings that are organised by Google Workspace automatically create a dial-in phone number to allow the user to easily join meetings. Even better, it works without data or wifi.

Google Meet on the go
Google Meet video conferencing - Runtech Group

simple scalability

Google meet for any meeting size

Transform your huddle space, small meeting room or large boardroom into a Google Meet room easily.

Leading manufacturers have collaborated with Google to ensure their hardware is compatible with Google Meet. Specific hardware has been designed for every type of room size, so you no longer have to worry about purchasing the wrong equipment for your room size.

The platform also offers a simple interface for employees that can be managed online.

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