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As Audio visual specialists, we combine the best audio visual hardware with intuitive user interfaces to provide you with the best AV experience for your boardrooms. Learn more our boardroom audio visual suggestions.

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Enhance your boardroom with audio visual

Boardrooms are great spaces for your team to create, communicate and discuss in large numbers. Adding audio visual solutions and suitable hardware into your space will help create a well-connected work culture and space for ideas to blossom.

However, with the ongoing advancements in technology, it can be difficult to know what solutions would work well in your boardrooms. We work closely with businesses to integrate bespoke solutions that are designed to solve your business problems and improve productivity.

Enable better communication

Boardroom audio visual

There are so many benefits of implementing audio visual solutions into your boardroom. However, knowing what solution to choose can be challenging. At Runtech, we work closely with our clients to understand their business needs and requirements. This allows us to provide the best and most effective solution available to them.

Audio visual helps facilitate on-site and remote employees to see and hear each other via video conferencing making employees feel more connected. Whether you’re looking to improve efficiency and productivity, our team can work with you to maximise your space. By investing into your space, you are promoting teamwork, communication and collaboration.

Throughout your audio visual project, our team of experts are here to help you during every stage. To discuss our meeting room solutions further, please contact our team using the form below.

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Popular boardroom audio visual technology

Boardroom audio visual

Video conferencing

Help your team feel connected and communicate with ease through effective video conferencing technology. Pick your preferred video conferencing platform.

Room booking panels in a corporate office London av company room booking system

Room booking

Check room availability and sync your room bookings automatically with your online calendars. No more double booking.

Huckletree Shoreditch Large Meeting room - Barco Clickshare product roll out Boardroom Audio visual

Wireless presenting

Mirror your device without the need to plug in cables. Presenters can be switched at a click of a button so no time is wasted.

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Do you need help knowing what type of audio visual technology to install into your boardroom? We can provide you with a bespoke and personalised solution to enhance your office boardrooms. 

Get in touch with our expert consultants by completing the form. 

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At Runtech, we pride ourselves on offering tailored solutions with the latest technology to help make businesses stand out from their competitors. We work closely with businesses to integrate bespoke solutions that are designed to solve pain points and improve productivity. 

Our team of experts are trusted by many of the world’s leading brands. We are proud to continually provide quality services and great solutions to all our customers. 

We are an award-winning AV integrator and have worked with many businesses in a range of industries. Our expert AV consultants are here to help you during every step of the way.

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