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Create an impression with an impressive video wall display

Video walls are a series of video displays that are arranged together to create one large, seamless screen. The screens are usually arranged in one or more rows, with each screen displaying a different image. They are used in a variety of ways, from digital signage to command-and-control centres.

Video walls are a great way to display information and images on a large scale. They’re used in many settings, from retail stores to airports, but they’re especially popular in the corporate sector.

Becoming more and more popular among different sectors, Runtech can help design a solution that suits your needs.

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Different video walls options

Many businesses are now requesting a large video wall installation as part of their audio visual upgrade. They can be used in several different settings with the similar goal of attracting attention to the display.  

There are two main types: LED and LCD. However, both types come in a variety of sizes and resolutions. Runtech can help you decide which solution is most suitable for your business needs.

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LED Video Wall

An LED video wall is a large display composed of multiple smaller displays, with each display connected to the same computer. Typically, they are installed in public spaces in stores, airports and schools to promote a product or service. Additionally, LED video walls can be found in corporate offices, or within a boardroom offering a large, clear display to users.

One of the most impressive features of LED panels is that they can be combined to create almost any shape, without a bezel interrupting the digital canvas. The most important factor to consider when scoping LED panels for a video wall is what is referred to as “pixel pitch.” The pixel pitch is effectively the distance between each pixel on the LED panel—a pixel pitch of 6mm means each pixel is spaced 6 millimetres away from the adjacent pixel. The smaller the pixel pitch, the smaller the distance is between each pixel, which means there are more pixels per square inch on the digital canvas. 

LCD Video Wall

An LCD video wall is a large surface for video or images built from many LCD screens. You’ve interacted with an LCD screen before — they’re on our laptops, TV monitors, and more. However, LCD video wall screens are designed to run longer and have thinner edges, called bezels.

Technicians use special hardware and tools to stack the LCD screens on top of one another and calibrate the wall so that an image shows up across every screen. Temporary LCD walls can usually only be about five screens across and five screens high.

Typically, LCD displays are installed more frequently than LED displays due to their lower cost and higher resolution when viewed from close distances. LCD video walls are used in offices, classrooms and other private settings to provide information or entertainment.

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