Video conferencing installation for businesses

Looking for a reliable video conferencing installation? Our expert team can design a video conferencing system that is specific for your business needs.

Large boardroom meeting room installation by Runtech Group, London and UK, Video conferencing installation

Collaborate more efficiently with video conferencing

We design, supply and install video conferencing solutions for any platform from large scale boardrooms to small huddle spaces.

We have the expertise to deliver reliable and effective conferencing solutions that help our customers to engage with their external clients as well as internal teams. Quality of video and audio is key to a successful conference suite with the ability to share content. However, poor room acoustics can have a detrimental effect on your business. Runtech can review your room acoustics and provide a treatment that provides crystal clear audio quality in your meeting rooms. 

Design your perfect room

A reliable video conferencing installation for businesses

Almost every business will have at least one meeting (room or space). Whether that’s a small meeting room or a boardroom. Our video conferencing solutions are an efficient and effective way of connecting teams together. Either choose a native platform like Microsoft Teams or Zoom or Google Meet, or have a multi-platform set up.

Video conferencing has improved so much that we are now able to communicate from almost anywhere in the world. In today’s business world, it is not uncommon for a conference call to include remote participants as well as participants present in the VC room. We deliver solutions that ensure that all participants are seen and heard clearly and that the meeting is started and concluded with ease. 

With high-quality AV, video conferencing can help improve productivity and increase collaboration amongst your workforce. We work closely with manufacturers to deliver high-quality video conferencing solutions for any meeting room size. Our expert team is here to help you during every stage.

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Do you need help with your next audio visual installation? We can provide you with a bespoke and personalised video conferencing solution to enhance your office meeting rooms. 

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At Runtech, we pride ourselves on offering tailored solutions with the latest technology to help make businesses stand out from their competitors. We work closely with businesses to integrate bespoke solutions that are designed to solve pain points and improve productivity. 

Our team of experts are trusted by many of the world’s leading brands. We are proud to continually provide quality services and great solutions to all our customers. 

We are an award-winning AV integrator and have worked with many businesses in a range of industries. Our expert AV consultants are here to help you during every step of the way. Keep up to date with our LinkedIn updates.

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