Acoustic treatment for video conferencing rooms

Enhancing your video conferencing experience by improving your meeting room acoustics.

Acoustic treatment for meeting rooms in offices

Crystal clear and immersive audio quality for businesses

Almost every business will have at least one meeting room or space in their office. Whether that’s a small meeting room, boardroom, or auditorium. These spaces can be transformed to facilitate video conference calls, enabling you to connect with clients anywhere in the world.

However, poor room acoustics can have a detrimental effect on your business. Background noise, echo, and poor speech intelligibility can lead to misunderstanding during video conferences.

By working with Runtech, we can help improve your room acoustics up to 60 – 70% (on average), ensuring you make a lasting impression on clients, partners, and colleagues.

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The impact of bad room acoustics on Businesses

Poor room acoustics can significantly hinder effective communication and collaboration in the workplace. Reverberation, echo, and background noise can distort speech, leading to misunderstandings, reduced productivity, and missed opportunities.

Working closely with our acoustic specialist partners, Runtech can analyse what requirements you need to provide you with tailored acoustic treatment. Whether it’s echo reduction panels, soundproofing materials, or strategic placement of absorptive materials, we have the expertise to create an optimal audio environment for your video conferencing rooms.


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