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ABOUT the british academy

Grade I listed John Nash-designed terraced houses located in the heart of Westminster.

The British Academy is the UK’s national academy for the humanities and social sciences. They mobilise these disciplines to understand the world and shape a brighter future. ​

Their aim is to deepen the understanding of people, societies, and cultures, enabling everyone to learn, progress, and prosper.

Runtech, The British Academy


The British Academy wanted to refurbish its building on the second and third floors. Although the previous design was ornate and beautiful, it required a modern refresh and this was further influenced by the desire to update the workspace technology.

The client worked with Wright and Wright Architects to develop the layout and approached RunTech to design the technology for the five collaboration rooms. The requirements were as follows:

  • AV solutions that are simple to use.
  • Displays must be interactive.
  • Displays must provide the ability to engage in Zoom and Teams video conferencing.
  • All rooms must be consistent for the users to reduce the need for technical support.
  • Wireless presentation displays (no cables on the tables).

The final solution

We proposed Clevertouch as the optimal interactive display solution for The British Academy. The UXPRO model seemed the perfect fit with the inbuilt i7 PC and multiple presentation options.

For a modern look, all displays were flat wall-mounted. For the two larger rooms, we opted for a 65” display and a 55” display for the three smaller rooms. The larger rooms included Crestron UC-SB1-CAM smart bars which ensured that all users in the room could be heard and seen clearly. For the smaller rooms, we went with the Logitech BRIO. All units were fitted with the Clevertouch i7 PC and the displays were connected to the network with ZOOM and Microsoft Teams apps loaded.

Users can wirelessly present to the displays using the Clevertouch dongles or Windows Connect, along with the in-built PC and onboard Clevertouch features. The displays are multi-touch, enabling presenters to interact and communicate with the screens, whilst fully utilising the power of web-based tools for meetings, webinars, and presentations. Using integral software, the screens can present uniform and corporate content to support bookings.

The client was provided with a solution that was simple to use, versatile and reliable.

British Academy Boardroom | Runtech
The British Academy - Runtech AV boardroom installation
The British Academy - Runtech AV installation for their boardroom


We’ve been using RunTech since 2019, and I have to say that it has transformed the way we do our AV integrations. They are a highly skilled team with an eye for details. We always got exactly what we wanted to or even more.

We were pleased with the outcome of our latest meeting room project, as well as with the collaboration mode. RunTech brought to the table substantial expertise in AV installation and an explicitly customer-centric approach to project development. Besides, they proved to be a reliable and agile technology partner.

We especially appreciate their professionalism and we are looking forward to our next collaboration.


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