Runtech delivers Audio Visual Installation for large technology company

24 November 2022 // 5 mins read

A large Internet Service Provider (ISP) appointed Runtech to design, supply and install AV/UC technology in their new office in the heart of Reading.

As the client was relocating to a new Grade A building, Runtech worked alongside Curve Workplaces who provided a full fit-out service. In the previous office, the client used Logitech solutions for video conferencing, so any suitable hardware was relocated to the new office. 

The scope included one boardroom, two medium-sized and two smaller meeting rooms, three private offices, two conference booths, a reception, a cafeteria and a Town hall.

Meeting rooms

Taking into consideration the recommended optimal viewing distance, a 75” LG display was installed in the boardroom, 65” in two medium rooms, 55” in the two smaller rooms and 43” in the private offices. Due to the client’s familiarity with the Logitech Rally, this was the chosen VC solution to ensure consistency for employees. The preferred display placement was on a slanted wall, which had to be taken into consideration when mounting.

A Logitech Rally Plus was selected for the boardroom and Logitech rally for the two medium-sized rooms. In the remaining five rooms, a Logitech Meetup was selected. Although the rooms are small, the Meetup features a premium camera optic that captures the whole room without distorting faces with a ‘fisheye’ effect. A Barco Clickshare CX20 was installed in the boardroom to provide a wireless presenting option. The client’s preference was to have a hardwire solution in the remaining rooms. In the conference booths, Runtech installed a 27” monitor with built-in speakers along with an HDMI connection point just below the display.

Lastly, Runtech installed five Logitech Native Microsoft Teams TAP schedulers outside the boardroom and four meeting rooms. The schedulers automatically connect to Outlook/Exchange, making it easier for employees to book meeting rooms.

Reception and cafeteria

As you enter, there is a small meet and greet area in the reception. In the centre, Runtech installed a 55” LG display and Brightsigh digital signage player. The signage player comes with free authoring and scheduling software (over network), providing full content control to the client allowing them to display content to employees and guests.

In the Cafeteria, Runtech installed a 65” LG Consumer Smart TV with a built-in network along with the option to install desired apps for TV viewing. On the left-hand side, a custom wall plate with HDMI input, offering a neat plug-and-play solution.

Town Hall

The client also requested a Town Hall Solution for large-format meetings that could facilitate VC. Runtech implemented a 98” LG display on a Unicol floor-to-ceiling mounting bracket. The far-end audio is delivered via Audac Column speakers and the near-end audio was captured using a wireless microphone and converted to USB using Focusrite.

During the project, the client requested Runtech to install the exact same Town Hall solution in their Fareham office, allowing the offices to communicate between the two buildings.

Client under NDA


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