Complete London office AV VC upgrade for worldwide management company

05 September 2022 // 4 mins read

2x2 video wall installation in central London using Logitech products
A worldwide management company appointed Runtech to design, supply and install AV VC technology in their London office.

The client approached Runtech to assess their current audio-visual and conferencing technology in their office and design a solution that was better suited to their needs. Whilst some of the equipment could be reused and enhanced, any hardware that wasn’t suitable was decommissioned and WEE disposed of.

Within the Large boardroom, Runtech installed four 55” Vestel videowall displays mounted on Chief brackets to create a 2×2 video wall. The client wanted to re-use the videowall displays from a previous site. The Boardroom is essentially a native ZOOM Room using Apple Mac Mini and an iPad controller along with an Aver 540 4K Conference Camera. Additionally, two Audix M3 ceiling microphones were installed to pick up near-end audio and four QSC flush ceiling loudspeakers. Content sharing is available wirelessly and wired.

In the medium-sized meeting rooms, Dual LG 55” displays which were installed on a Chief MSM1U flat wall mount. Like the large boardroom. The rooms are native Zoom comprising of the Logitech Rally Bar and an iPad controller.

The main office included two small meeting rooms, two conference booths and some office displays. Two existing DTEN 55” displays and mounts were installed in the small meeting rooms. Both conference booths were installed with 27” DTEN ME, a collaboration device for Zoom Meetings.

Client under NDA


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