Global Software Company AV technology upgrade

22 October 2021 // 2 mins read

Global Software Company AV technology upgrade
A Global Software Company approached Runtech to carry out the design, supply and installation of AV technology in their new Manchester sales office. The client has a global template for video conferencing collaboration and therefore instructed Runtech on what technology they’d like to be installed.

Runtech installed dual 55” and 65” LG displays in the two small rooms and large room respectively. Due to the layout of the large meeting room, Runtech implemented a Unicol twin column floor-to-ceiling mount with a customised Unicol VC bar mount. In the smaller rooms,  the screens were installed onto Chief flat wall mounts.

To facilitate video conferencing, a Poly Studio X50 video bar combined with a Poly TC8 touch interface in each room was installed. The X50 has stereo speakers, which provides rich, crystal-clear audio with a state-of-the-art microphone array. A single HDMI input from the table provided BYOD backup connectivity whilst the client primary connectivity was via the wireless feature using the Zoom app. Each room included a Zoom Room license which simply requires a license entry into the Poly X50 and within minutes the system is up and running.

Additionally, Runtech installed 80 dual desktop mounts and 24” monitors around their office. Using Kensington SmartFit Ergo Dual Extended monitor arms, each employee can personalise their desk to fit their individual need.

The client’s requirement was for an ease of use solution that required minimal IT support, Runtech provided the client with a high-quality installation within the project deadline.

Client under NDA


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