Videowall display installation in Reading

16 December 2021 // 2 mins read

AV videowall installation in Reading | Runtech

Curve Workspaces, an award-winning design and build company, appointed Runtech to design, supply, and install AV solutions for one of its clients.

The client, based in Reading, appointed Curve Workspaces and Furniture Forum to design and build a showroom that also included an element of AV in their Meeting Suite. The requested AV requirement was for a 2×2 videowall that could be used for presentations and digital signage.

Runtech installed four 55” Allsee Videowall displays which were mounted on Peerless DS-VW755S brackets and a Crestron Saros Soundbar for media audio. The LCD displays feature a super narrow bezel with a 4K ultra-high-definition resolution. The selected mounts are designed for videowalls with a narrow depth from the wall, providing an ultra-sleek video wall. The heart of the system is a Mersive Solstice Gen3 Pod, this versatile and neat solution drives the video wall, allowing the client to display digital signage and present wirelessly.

Runtech provided the client with a high-quality videowall display installation with enhanced audio performance.

Client under NDA
Videowall display installation, Reading, Runtech
Videowall display installation, Reading, Runtech corporate office audio visual
Videowall display installation, Reading, Runtech


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