London office AV upgrade for a global insurance provider

25 July 2022 // 4 mins read

Full audio visual office upgrade for a global insurance provider Teams room installation
A global provider of insurance and reinsurance solutions approached Runtech to supply and install AV/VC solutions in their London office.

As their existing systems have aged and are no longer fit for purpose, the client required a solution that is compatible with MS Teams and Zoom. Additionally, they wanted a high-quality and reliable solution that allowed for one-touch join. Lastly, the client expressed a desire for Runtech to decommission and WEE dispose of all unwanted, legacy hardware.

The project included upgrading a large boardroom, three medium-sized meeting rooms and one small meeting room. For consistency, Runtech opted to install Logitech solutions in each meeting room.

In the large boardroom, the existing three displays remained. A Logitech Rally Plus system was installed which includes an Ultra HD PTZ conference Cam, two Rally speakers and four Rally Mic Pods. The solution included a Native Teams NUC and Logitech Tap Controller. The existing legacy microphones were removed and replaced with circular USB charging ports.

As the existing displays in the medium-sized rooms were still suitable, Runtech installed an LG Commercial Display which was flat wall mounted on a Chief XSM1U bracket in the smaller room. Within the medium-sized rooms and small meeting room, A Logitech Rally Bar and a Logitech Rally Bar Mini were installed respectively.

Each meeting room was installed with a Logitech TAP Controller, all native to MS Teams. The Controller delivers one-touch join, easy content-sharing, and a seamless meeting experience across all rooms. Lastly, a Logitech Room Scheduler was installed outside all the meeting rooms, making it easy for employees to reserve a room and visibly see meeting details.

Client under NDA


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