Worldwide luxury hospitality client AV meeting room upgrade

Runtech was appointed by a large worldwide luxury hospitality client to supply and install AV technology into their London hotel.

The client has nine meeting rooms and two private dining suits across three floors in their hotel. Although they had an existing solution, they requested each room had an upgrade which could facilitate video conferencing and BYOD.

The top floor comprises of five different sized meeting rooms all with existing displays. Runtech remounted the displays on Peerless PA762 articulating wall mounts, allowing the client to gain access behind for service. Runtech installed a Barco Clickshare CX-20 and Poly Studio USB Conference Camera in each meeting room. In the two larger rooms, Runtech additionally installed a Poly expansion microphone providing a full 360° audio coverage for the entire room. This provided wireless presenting as well as wireless video conferencing. In the four meeting rooms on the third floor, Runtech installed Barco Clickshare CS-100, Logitech VC Cam and a backup HDMI in each room. The only additional request for these rooms was to remount the displays onto the same Peerless PA762 articulating wall mounts.

Lastly, within the two private dining suits, the client requested to keep the existing 65” display and flat-mounted wall brackets. We installed a Barco Clickshare CS-100 in each room, allowing visitors to wirelessly share presentations from a laptop or mobile device as and when required.

The technology installed by Runtech has modernised the meeting rooms and private dining suits whilst providing the client with a high-quality flexible solution for their guests.

Client under NDA

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