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Global company embraces hybrid working with microsoft teams

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A global pharmaceutical company relocated their headquarters in London to a brand new office to embrace hybrid working with Microsoft Teams.

The client’s brief

Starting with a blank canvas, our client required a flexible and collaborative solution that supported its hybrid work model. With offices around the world, it was important the designed meeting room solution offered seamless communication with high quality audio and video. Primarily using Microsoft Teams as a business, our client wanted their meeting rooms to also have the ability to switch to BYOD, Zoom, Webex and other platforms.

Incorporated into the office design was a communal tea point area with two huddle booths. The tea point area needed to be adaptable for internal and external meetings and the huddle booths for impromptu meetings.

Our designed solution covered:

The final solution

Entering the bright and open office, six meeting rooms run along the back wall with one modular room with a single partition. An additional meeting room and huddle booth are in the workspace, totalling eight different meeting spaces.

Modular meeting space

Room design/layout

In modular mode (partition open) the space can cater for 24 pax in adaptable layout styles including boardroom, training, or theatre. When in this mode, the speakers, microphones and video combine to make one large room. When the normal mode (partition is closed), the room can operate as two separate Teams meeting rooms. The large Boardroom can cater 16 pax, and the secondary room catering 8 pax.

Video conferencing

We installed a 98” Samsung and 75” LG display in the large Boardroom and secondary room, respectively. To facilitate video conferencing, we installed a Poly G7500 codec and E70 Poly Cameras, which have been designed for modular space, along with a Poly TC8 controller in each room. A Kramer 4×4 video matrix enables the screens to operate as one when in modular mode and easy switching of sources. All rooms are Native Teams, with the ability to switch to BYOD and other VC platforms using a Logitech Swytch. Runtech ceiling mounted a Poly EagleEye IV camera at the back of the room which covers the keynote speaker. This enables remote participants to visually see the speaker along with the content.

Audio and control

Runtech installed a Sennheiser TeamConnect ceiling microphones in both rooms. A total of eight Bose ceiling speakers were installed with six of those in the boardroom. When the partition is opened, the eight speakers combine and both microphones connect to offer a high-quality sound across the space. To improve media sound quality, an Audac column speaker was installed either side of the display in the boardroom. Each room has its own compact but powerful amplifier by Blaze, and audio is managed via a BiAmp DSP.

Both rooms can be controlled by the user via a Kramer Touch panel which was discreetly mounted near the screens. Runtech also sourced a branded lectern for the boardroom and connected a wired laptop connection to improve the speakers experience whilst presenting.

Additional six meeting rooms, CEO office and kitchen booths

The remaining meeting rooms had a very similar solution, which was tweaked depending on room size. In the 8 pax meeting room, Runtech installed a 75” LG screen and Poly Studio X50 and TC8 combo in Native Teams for video conferencing. To improve the audio quality, Runtech added an external Poly Studio microphone. A 55” and 43” LG Screen was selected for the smaller 6 pax meeting room and CEO office, accordingly. Runtech installed a Poly Studio X30 and TC8 Combo based on the room sizes. All seven meeting rooms and the CEO’s personal meeting room had a Logitech Tap Scheduler mounted outside, making it easier for employees to see meeting details and reserve rooms.

Lastly, Runtech installed a 43” and 32” LG screen in the 2 pax huddle room and kitchen booths, respectively. All three locations have a HDMI input to enable content sharing.

Outside of our normal service offering, our client requested a creative noticeboard that could display companywide updates/notes. Runtech installed two Nordgröna Saga Framed noticeboards inspired by traditional Scandinavian architecture. Runtech also designed and installed cabling for future-proofing sound masking for the entire workspace.

The impact

Our client’s aim with the new space was to create an environment that nurtures their core values of passion, integrity, collaboration, and agility.

This installation has increased meeting room efficiency whilst enhancing productivity and collaboration. Having a high-quality video conferencing system will enable more engaging conversations with other offices, remote employees, clients, and partners. The solution also promotes accountability for attending meetings as the room scheduling system required check-in and check-out actions, with the rooms being released back for use if no check-in action occurred within 15 minutes. This also demonstrates the popularity of the meeting rooms.

A note from our Managing Director

The key objective for the solution was consistency and ease of use. Our client wanted technology that promoted efficient meetings and collaboration when staff were working in the space. Once the new workspace opened, it was noticed that all the meeting rooms were consistently booked out for team collaboration, which was enabled via the Teams Room booking panels. The client’s team embraced hybrid working with the new technology, which was very rewarding.

Client under NDA

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