Office Interior design trends that are taking over in 2023

Over the years, we've witnessed the traditional workplace shift to facilitate a remote workforce which has impacted office interior design.

The rise in hybrid working has changed how companies occupy their space. Businesses are reconsidering their space and how well they are utilising it. Workplaces need to be more than just a place to work. Instead, they need to be built for adaption, foster creativity and elevate productivity. With this in mind, we have listed our top three influencing designs/layouts we are seeing that are shaping office designs for 2023.


A common theme across the board is sustainability. The world is becoming more conscious about being sustainable, which is filtering into office interior design. In 2023, companies are focusing on reducing their carbon footprint and analysing how much space they actually need. Whilst many are choosing to downsize, it’s important to assess what hardware can be reused or recycled.

Last year, we worked on an exciting project with Upfield. The global food company was combining their two London offices and moving to one central building. The project was influenced by their environmentally aware policies (to reuse good, working hardware). Since then, we have been working with a number of companies with a similar focus.

If the hardware does need replacing, many manufacturers have environmental pledges and policies that can align with your business goals. For example, as of 2021, all Logitech products are carbon neutral, and they aim to be Net Zero Carbon by 2023.

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It’s known that everyone works better in different environments. Having a design that can cater for these different needs is imperative. Specific spaces could include focused, semi-collaborative, collaborative, and relaxing. Each space can be enhanced with different audio visual technology.

Focus booths are an ideal option to create a private workspace for those needing a confined space to focus. For the most part, a user can work alone in this space with their laptop. This can be changed simply into a collaborative space with the addition of a monitor and Webcam to facilitate video conferencing.

Collaboration spaces are only as effective and efficient as the equipment in them. Having different-sized meeting rooms with one-touch join, screen sharing and electronic whiteboarding provides a collaborative space whilst also considering remote employees. To help create an environment with accessibility at a glance, you can install room booking panels outside with calendar integration.

Bringing a ‘home aesthetic’ into your office can help create a calm and comfortable employee experience. Studies have shown that having a space for employees to relax increased productivity for 1 in 5 office workers. Introducing Biophilia into your workplace has proven to reduce stress, increasing productivity and creativity.

Huddle rooms with audio visual technology - office interior design

Smart office

As mentioned above, technology can help employees work more productively and efficiently whilst catering for a hybrid workforce. Having combined smart software and hardware can provide instant reports to facility managers, making sure the budget is being allocated towards what employees are using most.

Hot desking is proving to be more popular amongst businesses. Installing a desk booking system allows employees to book a specific desk at anytime, anywhere from an app. This can promote collaboration and increased productivity when preplanning an office visit. If you have a large space or welcome visitors regularly, wayfinding is a simple navigation system whilst providing room availability. Another popular solution is meeting room booking panels. This solution allows employees to select a room that meets their requirements, with any additional equipment or services they need. All solutions link together to provide a detailed usage report.

Digital signage allows businesses to display information in an engaging and eye-catching way. Not limited to one site, companies can share important company news or messages on large video wall displays or smaller advertising boards, keeping everyone informed quickly from a centralised location.

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If you’re interested in learning more about how technology can enhance your workplace, get in touch with our team.

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