4 reasons why businesses should invest in digital signage solutions

14 January 2021 // 4 mins read

Technology has completely changed every aspect of our world, especially for businesses. As more businesses are shifting away from traditional marketing methods and focusing on digital marketing strategies, they are using interactive technology to help support this transition.

Digital signage solutions bring an increasingly fundamental and interesting way of communicating with customers. Therefore, static signs are becoming less commonly used. Investing in interactive technology can help bring new life to any business environment.

There are so many advantages to digital technology, and if you are a business that is yet to implement digital signage, here are our four main reasons why you should.

1. Attract and inform
Digital signage - attract
Digital signage is really engaging, eye-catching and informative. Businesses can benefit from using bright colours and motion features which will automatically attract attention and keep customers engaged.

When a customer is queuing, digital signage can occupy them whilst they wait. This will reduce their perception of how long they have been waiting for which will help improve their overall experience. This can improve customer retention and increase the likelihood of recommendations to family and friends.

Alternatively, digital signage is a great option to replace traditional notice boards around an office. Smarp reported last year that 74% of employees have the feeling they are missing out on company news. By implementing digital signage, you can easily manage and update internal messaging to employees, with management platforms you can even send specific messaging to specific departments around the workplace.

2. Convert passers-by into purchases
Digital signage - passerby
Digital signage should not be used as in store experience only. The high street is a very competitive place for retail stores, so businesses can take advantage of the benefits of digital signage. Displays can be used to attract the attention of passers-by who might not have entered your store otherwise. This will help increase footfall and could lead to an increase in revenue.

Similarly, the hospitality industry can take advantage of outdoor digital displays. The interactive screen can be used to attract new customers and showcase the food and beverage options available. This could result in triggering the customers interests and attract them into your restaurant.  

3. Influence buying decisions
Digital signage - buying decisions
Businesses are always looking at new ways to encourage customers to buy on impulse as it will help increase the average customer spend and increase profit. Reports have shown that displaying product, like confectionary, near your checkout will help increase the likelihood of impulse buying.

Digital signage can be used to help promote certain products or promotional offer whilst customers are walking around the store to help boost purchase values. This method has worked particularly well in retail and hospitality as business can advertise a flash sale across the store to help shift stock.

Digital signage in hospitality, private  offices, co-working spaces and retail will also play a major role with informing customers and employees on COVID-19 protocol. Information such as wearing masks and one-way systems can all be managed via signage solutions and this includes indoors and outdoors.

4. Instant updates
Digital signage - instant updates
The majority of digital signage boards are cloud based. Businesses have full control of what is being displayed, and when they’d like to display it. Changes on digital signs can be made instantly, allowing businesses to take full advantages of flash sales or release news in just a few moments.

We have seen an increased popularity of digital signage within healthcare facilities. With a variety of formats, templates, and solutions, messages to staff and patients can be updated in real time improving communication and reducing admin time.

As technology advances, there are so many different types of digital signage solutions available. A few months ago, we release a blog post on how digital signage has adapted to help businesses during COVID-19. Since publishing that blog post, we have seen more businesses benefitting from investing in digital signage. 

If you’re interested in find out more information or talking to our team to find out how digital signage can benefit your business, please contact us.


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