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Office Audio Visual solutions can be any kind of digital device and software that enables a business to communicate to people within and outside the company. Technology can be used across any organisation, to help present products and services, publish ideas, messages and promote awareness. The purpose of AV in the office environment is to make everything more efficient for the company, and it’s important to engage with AV early during the design stage. Easier to communicate, easier to present externally and internally, easier to book conference rooms, easier to spread corporate culture and brand awareness.

With advancements in technology, it can be difficult to know what solutions would work well for your business. We work closely with businesses to integrate bespoke solutions that are designed to solve problems and improve productivity.

eXAMPLES OF Office audio visual


Every business will have at least one meeting (room or space). Whether that’s a small meeting room or a boardroom. Video conferencing is an efficient and effective way of connecting teams together. Effective audio visual conferencing solutions also allow for sharing documents and presentations in real time through network connected conference rooms or wireless bring-your-own-devices (BYODs). In today’s business world, it is not uncommon for a conference call to include remote participants as well as participants present in the VC room. We deliver solutions that ensure that all participants are seen and heard clearly and that the meeting is started and concluded with ease.


Studies show that people respond well to visual aids, and that they aid the learning and retention process. It also allows for more collaborative working between individuals and freer exchange of ideas.


Digital signage is an effective way of displaying content and sharing company information with staff and visitors alike. Not limited to one site, it’s a particularly efficient way to share content from a central location with screens in other locations to disseminate information or provide training.


The fundamental reason for room booking solutions is to help business with multiple meeting spaces to manage the meeting room schedule. The days of arriving at your booked meeting room and finding someone in it are over. Room booking offers a visual aid where users can immediately see if a room is free or not, It also provides the ability to take over a room manually or book it via the central booking system.


With the exception of video conferencing, presenting is one of the most important aspects of audio visual in the office. Users need to be able to present to a wider audience. This can be in small huddle spaces up to large scale Boardrooms, Lecture Theatres and event spaces.

Example of industries we service


Healthcare and Pharmaceutical


Management and Consulting

Property and Real Estate

Zoom Room installation in London, showcasing latest AV (audio visual) solutions


At RunTech, we pride ourselves on offering tailored solutions with the latest technology to help make businesses stand out from their competitors. 

Our team of experts are trusted by many of the world’s leading brands. We are proud to continually provide quality services and great solutions to all our customers. 

We have been an AV solution supplier for many corporate offices, co-working spaces, retail stores and businesses within the hospitality industry. 


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