Preparing for a Hybrid Workplace: New Zoom Rooms update

9 July 2021 // 2 mins read

Zoom Rooms hybrid workplace

Zoom has released new updates to Zoom Rooms that will help simplify remote and hybrid collaboration, enable a touch-free conference room experience, and expand in-room capabilities. This update also includes the beta launch of the Smart Gallery feature, which enables an equitable meeting experience by sending multiple video streams from each Zoom Room to improve the display of in-room participants.

Latest updates to Zoom Rooms:

Smart Gallery (public beta)

The public beta launch of a Smart Gallery which uses AI to take a single-camera view of multiple people in a Zoom Room and send up to three different video streams to improve the display of in-room participants to remote attendees. Smart Gallery will initially only be supported on Poly solutions but will be available on Neat solutions this month and on Logitech and DTEN D7 solutions later this year. Other platforms and video streams will become available in future software releases.

Zoom Native Voice Commands (public beta)

The public beta of Zoom Native Voice Commands which enables voice control of Zoom Rooms using simple commands such as “Start Meeting”, “Leave Meeting” and “Check In”. Users need only say “Hello Zoom” to get started.

In-meeting chat in Zoom Rooms

Meeting participants joining from Zoom Rooms or Zoom for Home devices can now respond to in-meeting chats using the room controller or touchscreen, giving users joining from a Zoom Room equality with participants using desktop or mobile devices.

More webinar control from Zoom Rooms

New functionality includes the ability to lock a webinar, mute panellists, and allow the raising of hands by attendees.

Unified device management

A new unified device management section will combine the management of Zoom Phone Appliances, Zoom Room devices, and Zoom Rooms Digital Signage, making it easy to view and manage all the devices and hardware in a deployment from a single place.

Conference Room Connector updates

Conference room spaces with CRC deployed can now activate Zoom Phone within conference room spaces in selected regions.

NDI (Network Device Interface)

With NDI, users can send Zoom audio and video streams from Zoom Rooms to other NDI devices, allowing for more flexible integrations into studio, video production, and custom environments.

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