Huddly Multi-Camera Experience - the first AI-directed system

10 October 2022 // 4 mins read

Huddly Multi-Camera Experience

Huddly premieres the Huddly Multi-Camera Experience, an early multi-camera system with an AI director for video meetings.

The Huddly Multi-Camera Experience switches cameras and shots to capture the meeting vibe and all aspects of the conversation in real-time. Inspired and trained by TV directors, the Huddly Multi-Camera Experience is here to liven up your workday.

The Huddly Multi-Camera Experience engages participants like a movie engages its audience. Just like the best directors place the viewer right where the action takes place, Huddly’s AI director gives those joining remotely the feeling of being in the room, making them invested and actively engaged. Joining a conference call will feel like joining a great conversation — the kind that leaves you energized and inspired.

The Huddly Multi-Camera Experience adapts to a multitude of scenarios and setups thanks to a flexible, modular design. The AI director is embedded in the cameras, which means that the system provides a visual stream that can be used on any communication platform, including Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom. With Huddly’s network camera platform and upgradeable software, the Huddly Multi-Camera Experience is a smart investment that will continue to be an innovator in the AI and virtual meeting space.

Alexander Woxen, CEO at Huddly said: 

The Huddly Multi-Camera Experience is an early adoption of entertainment industry techniques being applied to video meetings to make them as dynamic and engaging as possible. We’ve been working towards this ever since we founded Huddly, and we’re excited to finally get to share it with the world. With this launch, we hope to prevent virtual meeting fatigue.

The Huddly Multi-Camera Experience will also be showcased at Google Cloud on 11th October 2022. Please contact our team for more information on this product.


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