Matthew Johnston - Runtech's Head of Procurement and Services

02 September 2022 // 5 mins read

Tell us about yourself?

I was born in West London and studied Psychology at Brunel University. I fell into AV almost by accident but started small and later grew to Procurement Manager at AVSnet (now SCCAVS) where I worked for 6 years and gained my MCIPS qualification, before moving to Runtech. I still live in West London with my wife and 2 young children.  

What do you do in your spare time?

I’m a big fan of finding activities for my kids to do, whether that’s swimming, trampolining, pottery painting or simply spending hours at the park, as long as we are having fun family time, I’m happy. When I’m not chasing after my two boys, I tend to try and get some running in as I’m currently training for my second marathon, looking to better the time I achieved in my first in Tromsø. I’m also a season ticket holder for Brentford FC, so can often be found there on a matchday.

Tell us about your role

My role is Head of Procurement and Services but it is a catch-all term for managing the ordering, logistics, training, accreditations, and many other channels within Runtech.

My role is constantly varied and allows me to engage with all elements of the business, from internal to external stakeholders, suppliers, manufacturers, and customers. I enjoy acquiring as much knowledge about what my colleagues are up to as possible, to help accommodate company-wide discussions and help to enable continued growth within Runtech.

What’s been your favourite project?

All the projects I’m involved with start purely as letters and numbers on spreadsheets. So any time I get to see a project in progress or finished in the flesh, it’s always exciting. I was fortunate enough to see British Academy and the Thomas Telford theatre upgrade during each stage, so was rewarding to see the final outcome.

Also, I enjoy many of the internal projects within Runtech, such as managing the accreditation for Barco, which brought us up to Silver Partners, as it’s the reward for all the team’s hard work.


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Matthew Johnston

Head of Procurement

Matt has been in the procurement side of AV for the last 7 years, cutting his teeth at Avsnet, growing from purchaser to Procurement Manager, whilst gaining his MCIPS qualification alongside full time employment. He also helped transition the procurement department through its acquisition by SCC. Upon moving to RunTech, Matt has helped bring in effective processes and used experience to help structure and grow supplier relationships. He is well regarded by colleagues and suppliers alike.