How can your business utilise Workplace tech to embrace hybrid working

1 November 2022 // 5 mins read

How to utilise workplace tech to embrace hybrid working​ - education audio visual interactive technology

Over the past couple of years, one of the biggest challenges businesses faced was utilising their current workplace tech to help the shift to a hybrid working environment.

A hybrid work model offers a mix of on-site and remote working. For instance, an employee could work from home three days a week and spend two days in the office or vice versa. For many businesses, this was the realisation that investment into workplace technology was imperative to support their employees whilst working remotely.

If your company has a working environment where some employees are in the office, others at home, or working in other parts of the UK or areas around the world, we have compiled some useful tips and product suggestions to help inspire you.

Huddle rooms

Huddle rooms are great for those wanting a quiet space to work, attend online seminars, or meet one-on-one. Additionally, it can also be used to collaborate, work, and catch up with remote workers without the worry of disturbing those around you. Although most businesses have these dedicated spaces in the office, they may not have the correct technology that can support a hybrid workforce.

Logitech connect, workplace tech
Neat frame, workplace tech,

Logitech Connect – An affordable portable solution for huddle spaces, home offices, and on-the-go. Purposely designed for small spaces with premium lens quality, you’re always ready for your next video conference call.

Neat Frame – A relatively new all-in-one compact product to enter the market. This device has been optimised for hybrid working, featuring auto framing and 8x zoom.

Smart office

One of the downfalls of a hybrid workforce is not knowing who will be in the office and when. As a result, this can make it hard for facility managers to monitor how utilised the office space is and effectively plan their budget allocations.

Go Bright desk booking
Crestron flex scheduling, workplace technology

GoBright desk booking – For an office that demands flexibility, incorporating a desk management solution will promote efficient use of your space. This solution allows employees to book a specific desk anytime, anywhere from a mobile app. This can promote collaboration and increased productivity when preplanning an office visit. Now compatible with Microsoft Teams.

Crestron flex scheduling – One platform designed to keep your organisation moving smoothly, and smartly. When video conferencing is necessary for teams, book the meeting room you need with the correct technology.

Multifunctional spaces

Your meeting rooms should be designed for what your employees need. For example, if you are a research company, having the amenities which encourage collaboration between different teams is imperative. Additionally, if your company has clients across the world, you’ll need a reliable and secure video conferencing solution. Your spaces should be equipped with versatile solutions that are flexible enough to cater to your employee’s needs.

Dten D7
Nureva HDL300 - Workplace technology

DTEN D7 Dual – For larger spaces, provide a more immersive meeting experience with a dedicated space for remote participants. Whiteboard and annotate on display 1 and see remote participants on display 2. This allows everyone to be seen and heard as if they are in the meeting room.

Nureva HDL series – A solution for every size room that needs to be reconfigured depending on who is using it. With continuous autocalibration, turn your boardroom into a training room without a worry. Additionally, this solution has Microphone Mist™ technology, allowing you to move freely around the room without a worry of remote participants being unable to hear you.

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