How AV technology can help you return back to the office safely ​

21 April 2021 // 3 mins read

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A few weeks ago, we shared a survey on LinkedIn to see how people would like their working week to be structured once lockdown restrictions are lifted. The majority of respondents voted for a mix of office-based and remote working, with only 13% voting for 100% remote.

Taking this feedback on board, we thought we would share some solutions that can help make sure your employees feel safe when returning back to the office.

1. Temperature checks

Stop the spread before entering the office.

A facial recognition thermometer display provides an automatic temperature check for employees and guests. Before entering the office, the solution will display a visual alarm that alerts the user if they have a fever. This will provide peace of mind to those in the office and helps businesses to effectively manage building access.

2. Room booking solutions

Manage the flow of employees and visitors effectively.

Incorporating a room booking solution into your office will provide a simple solution to manage meeting rooms, ensuring they are in line with guidelines and adhere to social distancing rules. With 100% reliable data analysis, Facilities Managers can monitor room occupancy ensuring suggested guidelines are being followed. Additionally, more time between bookings can be allocated, which helps to reduce gatherings outside and allows enough time for rooms to be cleaned. There is also the option to display a visible room traffic system, allowing employees to see from a distance if their room is busy or available, which will help avoid congregation.

3. Desk management

If your office includes hot-desking facilities, incorporating a desk management solution will promote efficient use of your space.

You can book a desk anytime, anywhere from a mobile app. This gives employees the option to preplan an office visit, also with the option to choose a bookable desk near a colleague. Not only does this improve collaboration but will also increase productivity. Additionally, Facility Managers can monitor occupancy and see clear analytics to ensure the workplace remains safe.

4. Digital signage and wayfinding

These two methods have proven to be an essential method of communication during the pandemic.

Digital signage comes in many different forms, helping businesses inform, educate, and communicate better. From visitor registration interactive displays to advertising displays, there are so many options available. Wayfinding is best placed in the reception area or at the entrance of different floors. This allows employees, customers, or visitors to easily find their way through the building, following a one-way system.

Last year, we wrote a blog post on the importance of digital signage for businesses during COVID-19. If you’re interested in seeing a few options that are working well for our customers during this time, we recommend reading the blog.

Technology Lookbook

We have recently published our Spring 2021 Technology Lookbook, showcasing the latest workplace trends. If you’re looking to invest in your workplace, this lookbook will help give you an idea of the current solutions that are changing the ways businesses communicate and collaborate.

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