Why should companies invest in Business Mobile?

17 January 2022 // 3 mins read

Business Mobile
The world of technology is vastly complex at times yet continues to develop at a rapid rate. With cloud-based storage, internet file sharing and hosted voice services, these technological advances can offer huge benefits. To remain a thriving business, it is vital to take advantage of technology breakthroughs and understand the benefits to your company.

Nowadays, most people own a mobile phone and the vast majority depend heavily on it. Businesses require technology that enables workforces to access a stable voice and data service, no matter where they are. Here are a few reasons why you should be introducing a managed business mobile phone solution into your company:

Flexibility whilst out of the office

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, employees had to switch to a remote way of working within a few days. With many out of the office/on the move, businesses should be investing in effective tools that don’t hinder their employee’s productivity whilst not at a desk.

With emails remaining to be the most popular form of business communication, mobile phones offer full flexibility to employees. With software and internet access, you no longer must rely on being physically present at a laptop to send an email. Additionally, if you’re a worldwide business or work with a number of clients across the UK, our business mobile service doesn’t limit you to one location. With features including great population coverage and over 200 roaming destinations, employees are no longer limited when travelling. The ability to access everything you need to keep working no matter where you are increases productivity and improves communication.

Ability to switch off

Poor work-life balance can negatively impact an employee’s health and happiness. It’s too easy to fall into the trap of answering work-related queries during unsociable hours.

By having a separate business and personal mobile phone, employees can physically switch off once they have completed their day’s work. Software such as Slack or Microsoft Outlook allows you to indicate online/offline hours, pausing any notifications you may receive out of hours. This can help employees be more mindful of their personal time, which can result in improved productivity during the working day.

Streamlined collaboration and enhanced workflow

An additional benefit of mobile phones is that communication and collaboration can be streamlined as employees don’t have to be tied to a desk to schedule meetings, talk with clients, or multitask.

As employees can be contacted easier, any time-sensitive tasks can be addressed promptly. Even if an employee is travelling to see a client, they can continue to review work and communicate feedback without delays. This can result in enhanced workflow, making employees more efficient as there is a reduced waiting time for feedback on work. By being more collaborative, this enables companies to make faster decisions, resulting in a competitive edge.

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