Crestron adds intelligent video support from Jabra and Huddly to Flex platform

14 October 2021 // 2 mins read

Crestron adds intelligent video support
Workplace technology firm Crestron is building on its Crestron Flex platform with intelligent video support from Jabra and Huddly. The new video integration provides features including full-room view, whiteboard sharing and analytics.

With a full-room view, users get a full 180-degree view of the room, which Crestron says improves video conferences in small rooms, and ensures all participants can be seen clearly. Also new is ‘people counting and face framing’, where intelligent cameras recognise each participant in the room, ensuring each participant has “an equal seat at the table”.

Alex Peras, director of unified communications and corporate development at Crestron said:

Among the many things we’ve learned as individuals continue to work remotely and return-to-office, is video conferencing and collaboration is at the centre of the modern workplace. The corporate office is not going away, so we have to make the experiences better for everyone.

Adding immediate support for Jabra and Huddly cameras helps build on our mission to ensure an immersive and equitable meeting experience, regardless of where participants join from.

Also among the new features is ‘whiteboard sharing’, which enables participants to view and share content from up to three whiteboards digitally, extending the functionality and usability of whiteboard collaboration to outside the room.

And with the analytics function, users can capture data and analytics of room use, occupancy and people counting to enable more efficient real estate planning and budgeting.

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