Bose Professional release new small space video bar

27 June 2022 // 4 mins read

Bose small videobar VB-S
Bose Professional has introduced the all-in-one USB Videobar VB-S conferencing device, engineered to deliver video and audio to meeting booths and huddle spaces up to 3×3 metres.

Delivering video and audio to meeting booths, huddle spaces and rooms up to 3m x 3m, the conferencing device is compact and simple to use.

Bose engineering allows the loudspeaker, microphones and electronics to be housed closely together while delivering performance without interference. The included option of either a table stand or wall-mount kit keeps meeting spaces orderly and clutter-free.

The four beam-steering microphones actively focus on voices in the room, while exclusion zones help to reject unwanted sound and auto EQ delivers optimised audio to all participants.

A 4K ultra-HD camera offers a wide field of view, ensuring that meeting participants can communicate and be seen more clearly. Its Autoframing Mode is ideal for groups as it keeps in-room participants in view, enabling remote participants to follow conversations while understanding content on whiteboards, flipcharts or other in-room objects.

For the single presenter, the Follow-me Mode frames and dynamically follows the person, making it ideal for teachers or anyone leading training sessions or group discussions.

Like the original Bose Videobar VB1, the Bose Videobar VB-S works across popular third-party cloud conferencing services, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Meet. This means users can seamlessly join conference calls regardless of platform.

Martin Bodley, director and global head of Bose Work for Bose Professional said: 

The newest addition to the Bose Videobar family increases the locations where companies can ensure Bose quality and innovation to support their meeting needs. The Videobar VB-S is perfect for addressing those vital smaller spaces where IT managers are challenged to find the right solution that’s transparent and ensures meeting experiences are clear and employees feel connected.

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