Event highlights from ISE 2023 exhibition in Barcelona

Integrated Systems Europre (ISE) is the World's leading AV and Systems Integration Exhibition.

With over 58,000 attendees and 1000+ exhibitors, the ISE event has rapidly become the world’s leading AV and systems integration exhibition. The four-day event took place in Barcelona this year, hosting several conferences, events and experiences to showcase the latest technology entering the market.

Chris Liebrand, Faye Patterson, and Matthew Johnston packed their bags and flew across to Spain to attend this year’s exhibition. For those who couldn’t attend, our team has put together an event recap and their key highlights.

1. Which exhibitor stand were you most excited to visit and why?

Chris: I was really looking forward to seeing BiAmp’s stand and experiencing the audio quality in person. They had a great demo room at the show, showing off their Tesira DSP, Mics, Speakers and new video conferencing bars. In particular, the Parlé video bar has an automated shutter and delivers excellent audio quality. I was also impressed with the noise-cancelling feature. The BiAmp representatives were passionate about the products and gave excellent demonstrations.

Faye: Like Chris, I was looking forward to BiAmp’s stand. The demo of the Tesira series was engaging. It really allowed me to start thinking about networked audio in a more simplified way as well as giving us the opportunity to be introduced to a brand that I hadn’t been exposed to much previously.

Matthew: I was excited to see Logitech Sight in action in the stands ahead of its release in the summer and it was impressive to see how that will change the meeting room experience for users. Was also good to see the award-winning Logi Dock while we were there. It was also good to visit the Barco stand and see the Gen 2 X50 being demonstrated, given the growth we have had with Barco over the last few years.

2. Any emerging technology you are excited about?

Chris: Although the Nureva 410 isn’t new, it has superseded the 300 and ticks the boxes for a large-room audio pickup. It’s evident many manufacturers are trying to tick all the boxes and offer ‘complete’ solutions. I also saw a lot of new thin column speakers and was impressed by the KArray’s offering of miniature speakers.

Faye: It’s good to see LED becoming more affordable and now many brands are offering the all-in-one LED displays up to around 100” which seemed unrealistic only a few years ago so this is quite exciting.

Matthew: The noise cancellation offering through their DSP from Biamp was very impressive. The demonstration area was excellent and their team were very happy to answer our questions and were very helpful. The Sennheiser Team Connect Medium is going to fill a nice gap for smaller meeting rooms where the Team Connect would be too large. Poly is also expanding their product range, so I’m looking forward to seeing these releases.

Sennheiser Team Connect - ISE 2023

3. What AV trends do you think we will see in 2023?

Chris: I believe Google Meet will become more popular as a few manufacturers mentioned they are looking into certification with this. I also noticed a lot of ultrawide LED displays for large meeting rooms at the show and it’s looking great for the year ahead to try and implement one or two of these. The NEC LED-FE009i2-104 was very impressive. BiAmp has already done this, but I believe more and more manufacturers will try and create one-button commissioning systems.

Faye: I think there will be a bigger focus on wireless connectivity. The industry demand for multi-platform solutions doesn’t seem to be slowing down so I would really like to see some more brands pushing forward with hardware based, wireless ways to do this.

Matthew: Lots of diversification of products by manufacturers within the meeting space arena. Soundbars in particular have 40+ manufacturers offering their version now. Also, the growth of certification with Google Meet will be interesting to see the progress over the next year as well as the additional features being added to Teams and Zoom rooms, with Poly releasing the Zoom-certified three-screen solution. 

Bravia professional displays - ISE 2023

4. What were your key takeaways from ISE 2023?

Chris: The main takeaway was wow! This industry is booming! Manufacturers and distributors are buzzing, and the industry seems to be in a very good place, with a lot of energy at ISE 2023 and a lot of happy engaging people.

Faye: For me, it was really nice to see how busy the industry is again. This was my first time in Barcelona and it’s been around 3-4 years since I last attended ISE, so it always leaves me feeling inspired and proud to be a part of such a diverse industry that crosses so many others.

Matthew: The AV industry is booming and there is still a strong appetite for businesses to grow. Hybrid working is still prominent and both businesses and integrators will need to be conscious of this to make sure that the meeting experience is as collaborative as possible to cater to this mixed environment.

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