Runtech Group provides AV Consultancy service to A Global Software Company

A Global security software and hardware company approached Runtech to provide an Audio Visual design consultancy service to standardise their AV/VC across their 42 offices globally.

Runtech AV consultancy

As the client is moving towards a hybrid working approach, they decided to re-evaluate their office space and implement a global standard when installing audio visual and video conferencing solutions.

Zoom is the client’s preferred video conferencing platform. The remit was to design a solution that was flexible to any future VC platform changes. Additionally, the client requested that each room size and style provided a native VC solution as well as BYOD and present only. The client also specified that Runtech designed a solution that allowed them to re-use existing hardware, where possible.


The client required a ‘standard blueprint’ which provides a clear room by room specification that can be rolled out on future projects in offices around the world. The project objective was to provide an easy guide for local offices to follow whilst approaching AV integrators to quote for the supply and installation. Additionally, the objective was to promote efficiency and reduce hardware and internal IT support costs.

The types of rooms to be specified were:

  • Small meeting rooms
  • Medium meeting rooms
  • Large meeting rooms
  • Town Hall
  • Room booking
  • Private conference booths

Project outcome

After understanding the client’s needs, Runtech produced an AV package that provided a clear room-by-room specification. Runtech’s consultancy service included:

  • AV Playbook – An interactive document specifically for local teams that includes an introduction to each room, high-quality graphics and a kit list.
  • AV Standards Document – Providing functionality specifications for all room types. Including additional information on power, IP and Data Schedule, and Cable Schedule. 
  • Drawing pack – Floor plans, Elevations and Schematics of each room type.
  • User guide and basic troubleshooting manual.


The AV Playbook will be used by office managers as a simple guide to know what type of AV technology is needed in each room. For more detailed comments, they can refer to the AV Standards Document. The drawing pack provides room plan drawings, which can be provided to local AV integrators to follow as a blueprint. They can also provide a quote for supply and installation based on the specified solutions. The user guide and basic troubleshooting manual will help users identify and resolve potential problems before approaching IT for technical assistance.

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