The importance of engaging early with AV during the design stage

11 October 2020 // 3 mins read

Your companies brand identity is what sets you apart from your competition and can be critical for success. Whether it’s an office, restaurant or retail store, your space represents your brand. As a result, companies are investing in interior design and technology to improve their customer experience and ensure their first impressions are memorable.  

As technology continues to reach new limits, audio visual solutions have become an essential part for any organisation. Integrating AV systems within your business can increase productivity and improve communication to your customers and colleagues.

However, combining an aesthetically pleasing interior whilst using effective technology can be challenging. Often, AV is considered late in a project. Therefore, engaging early with a design led AV company will help you understand what technology you need during the initial design process and will be more cost-effective approach as there are no last-minute adjustments. This will ensure the project runs smoothly and all parties engaged are aware of the proposed technical design and can plan accordingly. For example; the electricians will be aware of the power and conduit requirements, the D&B company will know how strong the walls have to be to support displays, data teams will know what data infrastructure is required and also allow the interior designers to understand how the technology will effect the fabric of the space and design accordingly. 

Collaborating during the design stage
RunTech Audio Visual design

Our team works with architects, design and build firms and interior designers to help integrate AV technology into the initial construction plans. AV also adds to the timeline of a project, engaging early means the design and build team can include the AV element in their project timeline and budget, and the client is aware of this at the beginning. Collaborating also helps enhance the space available and understand what would work for the end user and their customers. This helps to avoid costly design mistakes.

It is important to not only look at the space and aesthetics but consider how AV will be used effectively. For example, a hotel might have an event space, meeting facilities, guest rooms and a spa. As events can get quite loud, its important to consider the design layout of the hotel first and have the spa and guest rooms further away to avoid any noise disturbance. If you do not consider this during the construction phase, an option would be to use sound absorbing materials which could affect the overall aesthetics of the room as well as add cost to the project budget.

When integrated strategically and considered early in the design process, AV technologies have the potential to transform the emotional resonance of the built environment.

Allison Tardiff

Industry advocacy manager, avixa

Our expertise
RunTech Audio Visual design

Designing the optimal AV experience can be challenging, which is why it is important to work with an AV company you trust and believe understands your vision, the message you are trying to deliver and that the AV design can fulfil your needs. Working with an AV company, like RunTech, can give you in-depth advice on what options you have available that meet your budget and enhance your space. Our experienced team have AVIXA qualifications and believe that early engagement and understanding how AV technology can improve your business, will ultimately bring success and increased revenue. After all it is your space, not our project. 


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