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  • Solve your VoIP gap

  • Boost productivity

  • Scale limitlessly

  • Save £££s on call costs

  • No more capex

  • Simple team collaboration

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Managing Your VoIP Challenges

Migrate your telecoms to the cloud with VoIP and connect seamlessly between voice, messaging and productivity apps. Enjoy the unrivalled potential for high-speed-low-cost communication across regions, countries and continents.

Greater clarity

Achieve greater clarity with hi-definition sound across calls and conferences.

Free calls

Teams talk for free, wherever they reside in the world. Even on mobile phones.

Distributed teams

Help distributed teams collaborate just as effectively as if based in the same local office.

Video conferencing

Bring human interactivity to life with integrated audio visual systems. Create engaging conference rooms and huddle spaces.

Free mobile net call

Call any mobile number for free using VoIP apps. Bring team members on mobile phones into your VoIP system without accruing expensive mobile network costs.

Rapid deployment

VoIP works on your existing internet infrastructure. So installations are deployed quickly with minimum disruption and no need for new wiring.

Scale at ease

Scale your business without significant capital outlay or maintenance costs.

Reduce infrastructure costs

Streamline costs by harnessing the power of existing internet networks to reduce the reliance on expensive PBX infrastructure.

Our 6-step process to define the potential for VoIP in your organisation

Current service analysis

  • Numbers
  • Call and rental charges
  • Number of users, handsets, concurrent calls
  • Connectivity speed and resilience

Business requirements analysis

  • Workforce demographics
  • Inbound -v- outbound call volume analysis
  • Growth plans

Budget requirements analysis

  • Fixed-budget analysis
  • Phased options
  • Lifetime cost analysis and ROI

Options report

  • Different cost models
  • Critical features breakdown (essential -v- nice to have)
  • Improved data connectivity where relevant

Bespoke installation plan

  • Detailed site survey
  • Managed changeover with zero downtime
  • Installation management
  • Portal features and handset training

Customer satisfaction review

  • Priority account management
  • Performance -v- benchmarks review
  • Checks to bring underutilised features into use
  • Recommendations to maximise system potential 

About Runtech

RunTech helps businesses communicate clearly and more cost-effectively. Our VoIP-based call, data, multimedia and dedicated number solutions deliver a superior communication experience between client teams and customers.


We provide valuable insight based on real-world successes to help you formulate a plan and take advantage of the most suitable options for VoIP.

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